A little Insight on the Development

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to share a little insight on what we are currently doing behind the scenes.

As I have said in a previous post, we are currently re-engineering the source code behind Audectra. More precisely, we creating a separation between the core of Audectra, where the magic happens, feature enhancing plugins and beautiful modes. This will allow us to much easier and faster add new features or modes to Audectra in the future.

To give you a feeling about how much work there is involved, let me show you my latest commit as an example:

Core Separation Progress

It  says, this commit has about 1450 modifications in 21 source files. Though everything is now finally working as it should after this commit, we are still not on the finish line. There is still room for improvement. We want to create a solid base for the next generations of Audectra.

So, please keep in mind, just because you don’t see any new posts or updates on the website or the forum, doesn’t mean there is nothing going on behind the scenes. =)

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