Audectra v1.1.0 Final – Progress

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you know about my progress with the final version. =3

First of all, thank you all for reporting Bugs, these Bugs have been fixed until now:

  • Fixed Bug that sometimes caused an error when starting Audectra.
  • Fixed Bug where Audectra causes an error if the config file is messed up.
  • The History- and Spectrumgraph now stop while moving the Audectra-Window around to avoid form update errors.
  • Optimization of Key Algorithms (for FFT and Beat Detection) -> Lower Usage of System Resources!

If you find any other bugs that aren’t listed above, please let me know:

And some new things in the Settings Tab:

  • Added general settings tab
  • Added overall brightness control in the general settings tab
  • Added option where you can select your preferred audio output device in the general settings tab
  • Added option in the general settings tab for manual port selection


Aaaaannd now lemme explain you the reason why the final version is still not released: I was absolutely not satisfied with the Beat Detection Algorithm. That’s why I completely redesigned it. :C

Here is a little preview of one new key element in the final version: the BPM Graph! (Only visible in Beat Controlled Mode, Spectrum Graph for all the other Modes. =) )


It shows you the calculated possibilities of the BPMs matching your song!

There is still much work for me to do on this Beat Controlled Mode, since I want you guys to experience a REAL Beat Controlled Light Show. Hope you will like it when its done ;3

UPDATE: As for the final version v1.1.0 of Audectra, I will keep the old Beat Detection Algorithm, but with slightly modifications. My new Beat Detection Algorithm simply needs too much system resources atm, and I sadly don’t have enough time to keep working on it now. ¬†That’s why v1.1.0 will be released with bug fixes, slightly modifications and the general settings tab only, but therefor soon.

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