Audectra v1.1.0 Final – Released!

I know you guys have been waiting quite long for this final release, but here it is! I am not quite happy with the Beat Detection Algorithm yet, but I am already working on an new and way more precise algorithm!




From v1.0.0 to v1.1.0b:

  • Completely recoded, keeping the implementation of future improvements and features in focus
  • Audectra will use less system resources when minimized to tray
  • No need to figure out what port your Arduino is connected to anymore, Audectra does it for you.
  • Audectra automatically detects your default sound output device on startup
  • Our Dynamic Mode has been renamed to “Music Controlled” Mode
  • We have added an adaptive and self-adjusting “Beat Controlled” Mode with BPM-Estimation.
  • “Rainbow Sweep” Mode has been implemented as well
  • Spectrograph added, which shows you the full frequency spectrum of your audio output, whereas the vertical shows you the intensity of every frequency (bottom: lower frequencies – top:higher frequencies).
  • Histograph added, which shows you the intensities of your lower, middle and higher frequencies. This graph can be really helpful when you adjust your trigger level and divider settings to your liking.
  • Both of the above graphs are in real time!
  • Adjusting the trigger levels, dividers and color assignments affects your Music Controlled Mode in real time!

From v1.1.0b to v1.1.0:

  • Fixed Bug that sometimes caused an error when starting Audectra.
  • Fixed Bug where Audectra causes an error if the config file is messed up.
  • The History- and Spectrumgraph now stop while moving the Audectra-Window around to avoid form update errors.
  • Optimization of Key Algorithms (for FFT and Beat Detection) -> Lower Usage of System Resources!
  • Fixed Bug where Beat Detection wasn’t able to detect BPMs above 120 BPM.
  • Optimized “Randomness” of color switching in Beat Controlled Mode for a way better experience!
  • Reduced updating frequency from 100 Hz to 25 Hz to reduce flickering and usage of system resources
  • Added general settings tab
  • Added overall brightness control in the general settings tab
  • Added option where you can select your preferred audio output device in the general settings tab
  • Added option in general options tab where you can manually select the COM port for the controller

I hope you guys like it! If you find any bugs, please don’t hesitate to report them at:

And, as always: If you love our Project and want to support the Development of Audectra, we would be really pleased if you would place a donation, no matter how small it might be! Thank You! =)

Don’t just listen to music, experience it!


UPDATE: You will have to uninstall the beta version before being able to install the final version!

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