Audectra v1.2.5 released!

Hey guys! There are quite a few changes and new features in this version, so let me give you a brief overview:




First of all, I have finally added back the context menu for the tray icon, which allows you now to change the mode or close Audectra directly from tray.




Secondly, I’ve changed the name of the “Music Controlled” Mode to “Band Controlled” Mode, since I think this name fits it better. Apart from that name change, I’ve also adjusted the band frequencies for the three bands (bass, midds and highs) for a better performance.

There where quite a few requests on implementing an interface between Audectra and the controller. I’ve started working on this interface and in this version, there are already a few basic requests that you can do from your controller to Audectra, like:

  • Changing the Brightness,
  • Changing the Mode or
  • Changing the Static Mode Color.

For this purpose, a new firmware version was released with some basic examples on how to use these functions within the arduino code. Furthermore, I am proud to show you a new Audectra Mode, named “Intensity Controlled Mode”, which calculates the output colors based on the intensity of your song! You can take a look at it in our new demo video:

Changelog from v1.2.4 to v1.2.5

  • Fixed bug where Audectra would repeat continuously sending the same color to the controller in static mode.
  • Finally added a menu to the notify icon, which allows you to directly change the mode or exit Audectra from tray.
  • Removed the tooltip notified you that Audectra minimized to tray, every time you minimize it.
  • Changed the frequency bands for Bass, Midds and Highs a bit.
  • Renamed the “Music Controlled” Mode to “Band Controlled” Mode, since that’s a more fitting name to it.
  • Added new Mode named “Intensity Controlled” Mode, where Audectra chooses the output color based on the intensity.
  • Refined the scaling controller for the music controlled / intensity controlled modes.
  • Added command “ChangeBrightness” for controller, for changing the brightness from the controller.
  • Added command “ChangeMode” for controller, for changing the Audectra mode from the controller.
  • Added command “ChangeStaticColor” for controller, for changing the static color from the controller.
  • Released new source code version 1.2.0 for the Arduino controller with predefined interface functions.
  • Audectra now starts up in your last used mode, when connected to an controller.
  • Some other minor changes.


What do you think about these changes? Do you have some other ideas you would like to share? We would be more than glad to read your feedback! -> visit our forum


Audectra is free for everyone and we want to keep it like that. However, the project is endangered by all sorts of costs (server; domain; development of software, mods and Audectra kits) and not to forget about all the time that we spend on running the sites, giving support to everyone who needs help, research and development.

Therefore, if you would like to support us and accelerate the development, please make a donation. Help us keeping Audectra free for everyone! Thank you!

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