Developer Log now available!

Hey Audectra Fans!

I thought you might be interested in some news regarding the new version of Audectra and it’s current state of development, so I created this new category for you and will every now and then post some news about the development process.

First of all, I am rewriting the whole Software, since the first few versions were only quick and dirty implementations and I really want you to have a top quality software with many features and easy user experience!

As you might tell, there is no GUI yet available for the new version, since I am still working on the base frame of Audectra. But the main parts are already implemented and working!

One of the new things in the new version will be an great new Spectrograph:


The Spectrograph is already working, but I still need to optimize it, since its a little bit too slow (at least on my old PC).

Some other new features that are already implemented are:

  • Automatic Detection of your Arduino Board (if its programmed with our software)
  • Support for multiple Arduino Boards
  • Support for multiple Channels for each Arduino Board

Although I am not yet sure if I will let the next version already support multiple boards/channels, since I still need to think of an easy to understand GUI for it.

Oh, and by the way, of course the new version will be free for you to use as well. =)

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