Development Progress on v1.3.0 Part 2

It’s been a while since my last post, so I decided to update you guys with the latest news on the development of the new version. Since the last post, 15882 lines have been changed in the source code. Yes, almost 16k lines of code. However, if you take a look at the changes below, I am sure you will love it.

Build Architecture

All previous versions were build for x86, an architecture which is slowly becoming very rare.  To follow this trend and ensure the best possible performance of Audectra, the new version will be build for x64 architecture. If this results in troubles for you, just let me know, and I will make sure to make both builds available.

Double Precision

I have overhauled the Core of Audectra, switching every meaningful calculation into double precision, which changed the overall experience massively! Although, this may not sound like much, it resulted in having to modify almost everything across the code. Audectra is now much much more responsive and accurate than ever before, and I am absolutely sure you will love it, just as much as I do!

Update Frequency

To enhance this newly found responsiveness of Audectra even further, I have added a new slider in the settings menu, where you can change the update frequency from 30 Hz up to 120 Hz in real time.


What does this mean? Well, for example, a 120 Hz update frequency means, Audectra calculates a new color and sends them to the clients 120 times per second, wich allows you to literally see even the smallest changes in the music you are listening to. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of it, once you see it in action for the first time!

Trigger/Divider Settings

Yes, I have heard your requests, and am proud to announce, the Trigger/Divider settings are back!


They are now more meaningful and accurate then ever before. It took me days and a whole lot of brain storming to think about the perfect way on how to implement them. Especially, to integrate them in such a way, allowing them to collaborate perfectly with my scaling controller and, additionally, to make them as independent of your audio device as possible. The outcome is brilliant.

Color Assignment

Do you remember these old color assignment settings, where you could only assign either red, green or blue for each band? They always felt quite limiting, right? Not anymore!


Now you are able to select a custom color for each sub band in the music controlled mode and Audectra will blend them in perfectly according to the strength of each frequency band. With this feature alone, you are able to adjust Audectra perfectly to the way you feel about your music, the way you want to see it. Just think about the possibilities!

Intensity Mode Remastered

I have taken special care, so that not just the music controlled mode benefits from the crisp and clear sound analysis quality, resulting from the changes above. Especially, the intensity controlled mode has been completely remastered, complementing the newly found responsiveness and detail of Audectra.


Since the beginning, I’ve been pouring all my love into Audectra. Thousands of hours I’ve been investing in every bit and byte of it, trying to drive every detail into perfection. It’s not too long ago, when I’ve realized, I would love to continue working on Audectra. However, not just as a side project anymore, where I upload an update every few months, but as a full time job. My head is bubbling over with so many new ideas on how to enhance Audectra. Unfortunately, the only way I will be able to finance my dream, is to sell licenses for Audectra.

Don’t panic though, because I am giving my very best to keep it as fair as possible. I’ve been thinking about this very intensively for about two months now. That’s why I can already give you a rough idea on how it will look like:

  • Audectra Basic: free for non-commercial use and by far better than the currently available version, with more functionality.
  • Audectra Pro: dedicated to all Audectra-Enthusiasts, many options for customization and quick support, for non-commercial use.
  • Audectra Commercial: close to the Pro version, but dedicated for commercial use, with fast support.

I know, I know, nobody likes to pay for licenses. But, think about it this way: You invest in the further development and support of Audectra, allowing more regular updates and faster support. Besides, who says Audectra can’t be much more, than “just a software”?

Special Thanks

At this point, I want to give special thanks to xforce and shadoxx for helping me out so far, sharing ideas, providing feedback and beta testing. Additional special thanks goes to J. Wards for his continued support during the last few months. And, of course, huge thanks to all Audectra enthusiasts who love and support my work. Thank you!

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