Development Progress on v1.3.0 Part 3

First of all, I wish all of you a happy and fortunate new year!

My work on version 1.3.0 is almost done, and I will be able to release it soon, making this my last post about its development progress. There were many changes on the GUI, though more of bug fixing and performance optimizing nature, than visual changes. I will point out some of these changes in this post. Furthermore, I will reveal more information about licensing.


One of these bugs that were fixed had its roots back to version 1.0.0 of Audectra and has been present ever since. In most cases it caused the spectrum graph to fail updating and resulted in a red cross across the whole graph. In a few other cases it could also result in Audectra crashing. Huge thanks goes to xforce, for helping me to finally track down this nasty bug.

Aside many other bug fixes, I have made a few adjustments on the GUI itself. You might notice, that the coloring of the backgrounds has changed, to make it look much more elegant.

A few more changes on the GUI I would like to address:

  • The progress bar, which displays the beat detection confidence has been redesigned, to better fit in.
  • The beat detection graph has been removed, simply because the spectrum graph is much nicer to look at.
  • Though I have stated in a previous post, that the spectrum graph will be exponential, it has been reverted back to linear. However, it now shows the frequency range between 0..3kHz.
  • Color mapping for the spectrum graph has been redesigned to achieve sharper and more precise results.
  • The top banner has been re-designed, giving the GUI a very unique finish. I am absolutely positive, you will love it!


Like I have explained in my previous post, there will be two obtainable license types: Audectra Professional, and Commercial. An unlicensed Audectra Software, will be the Basic version. I will release more information regarding these license types soon. However, I would like to reveal what they have in common. I have given this a great amount of thought, to make it as fair as possible, for both sides. In my opinion, the best solution is a subscription based approach.

Upon purchase of an Audectra license, you will receive a product key, limited to one pc. With this product key, you will be able to upgrade your unlicensed basic version to your obtained version. For this activation process, you will need an internet connection (once). After the product has been activated successfully, your license will be valid for one year.

Your license may be bound to your pc, however not to any particular version of Audectra. This allows you to download and install every update of Audectra, until your license expires. Additionally, you will be able to contact me by email, if you run into any troubles or bugs.

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