New Feature added – The Historygraph!

I have now implemented a new feature into the next version of Audectra: The Historygraph! It shows you the intensities of the low-, middle- and high frequency spectrum in real time!

(It’s a graph, that moves from the right side to the left, showing you in real time the three intensities in a spline chart, whereas the right side has the newer/current values and the left side a bit older values. Hence the name Historygraph. ;3 )


On the top you can see the new Historygraph, whereas Blue is for Bass, Green for Midds and Red for Highs.

Apart from its great look, this Historygraph will help you to perfectly adjust the trigger and divider settings to your liking and your music! Hope you all like it! =D

You might as well have noticed in the screenshot, that the GUI is slowly getting into the right shape. =P

And, as allways: If you love our Project and want to support the Development of Audectra, we would be really pleased if you would place a donation, no matter how small it might be! Thank You! =)

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