Audectra v2.0.3 has been released!


There have been many changes under the hood of Audectra, regarding the management of projects, bindings, layers and layer settings. Most of it was necessary for the project file upgrade, which is described below, but there have been some optimizations and minor improvements regarding the performance as well.

New Project File

The project file has been upgraded to a new version (v1), now including all your layer settings and binding configurations as well. If you want to upgrade a project from the previous project file version (v0) to this one, simply load it in Audectra and save the project over the old one. This will make it a lot easier to share our Audectra projects with each other! =)


  • Fixed bug, where extension assemblies where created even though the extension failed to compile.
  • Fixed bug, where recompiling extensions accumulated their compiling errors, instead of resetting them on each compilation start.
  • Extension assemblies, which cannot be loaded on startup of Audectra will be deleted (source files remain untouched).
  • Internal project, binding, layer and layer setting handling have been massively improved.
  • Layer settings can now be saved and loaded with your projects.
  • Binding settings for your layer settings can be saved and loaded with your projects.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

Due to much refactoring under the hood, there have been some minor changes on the interface ILayerSettingsPanel, which is needed to add settings for effect extensions.

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