Four new featured videos available!

Hey guys, I am so unbelievably happy and proud to be able to feature four new videos! Thanks to everyone of you guys for your support! Love ya all! =D

New featured demo videos

Marty had an awesome idea on how to combine red, green and blue LED strips to an unique Audectra Experience!! Take a look at his setup! Huge thanks to Marty for sharing this with us! =3 (You’ve to turn up your speakers to hear the music in this video!)

Here’s another great Audectra Setup, done by René Birkeland!! =3

And here is a great acoustic cover by René Birkeland, with his Audectra Setup running in the Background! Looks gorgeous!! =D


New featured video tutorial

Huge thanks to CMH Maker for this great video tutorial for our Skilled DIY Audectra Setup! It will be featured in our Skilled DIY Audectra Guide! =3


Hope to see many more videos coming soon! =D

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