New Easy Step-by-Step Guide is online!

I have got some feedback that our Step-by-Step Guide is too complicated and hard to follow for people who are not skilled in electrical engineering. Furthermore I’ve got an request for a guide with an RGB Amplifier, so I combined these two feedbacks and created a new Step-by-Step Guide for you! =)

This Guide uses an RGB Amplifier, which makes it really simple to set up, even if you don’t have much of a clue about electrical engineering. I hope this helps you guys setting up your own Audectra Experience in no time and without much complications! =)

Take a look at our new Step-by-Step Guide: Easy DIY Audectra Setup

If you prefer the old Step-by-Step Guide without RGB Amplifiers, you can still find it here: Skilled DIY Audectra Setup

By the way, all external guides and our own guides are now collected and listed in our Guides Section for you. =)

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