New Guide for Audectra’s User Interface available!

Since the initial release of Audectra we have made tons of improvements, changes and additional features. Considering all this, the old guide explaining you the user interface of the initial release wouldn’t be helpful at all.

That’s why I have decided to completely rewrite that guide and explain the user interface of Audectra v1.2.2!

Make sure to check it out: Audectra’s User Interface


What do you think about these changes? Do you have some other ideas you would like to share? We would be more than glad to read your feedback! -> visit our forum


Audectra is free for everyone and we want to keep it like that. However, the project is endangered by all sorts of costs (server; domain; development of software, mods and Audectra kits) and not to forget about all the time that we spend on running the sites, giving support to everyone who needs help, research and development.

Therefore, if you would like to support us and accelerate the development, please make a donation. Help us keeping Audectra free for everyone! Thank you!

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