Our forum is now online!

Hey everyone!

Some of you might have already noticed that there are a few changes going on on our website, and I am proud to tell you that our forum is now finally online! =D


There is still much work to do on the website and the forum, but we would love to welcome everyone to our forum as soon as possible and keep improving everything with your feedback!

By the way, let me introduce you a new developer to our project: xforce! He has been helping me out with Audectra for quite a while now and has now become a valuable developer for firmwares and mods at our project! You can talk with xforce in our forum, where he is in charge of being the global moderator. Huge thanks for your great help and motivation until now and I am proud to have you in the team! =3

Every News and Development Log that’s posted on this website, will be available in the forum as well and open for discussions. Apart from that, everyone is welcome to post your feedback about our project, our website or our forum in the “Feedback”-Subforum. Tell us what you love about our project, what grinds your gears or what you would love to see in the next releases, we will happily accept every kind of feedback and learn from it!

If you are experiencing any kind of troubles with your own project (even if it’s not using Audectra), you can ask the whole community for help in our “Support”-Section in the forum.

Or, if you want to proudly show off the outcome of your own RGB-/LED project (even if it’s not using Audectra), you can post it in the “Showroom”-Section of our forum.

Of course, our forum has a “Gossip & Tittle-Tattle”-Section, where you can talk or discuss about whatever you want to. I think this might be one of my personal favorite sections. xP

There is and will be much more in our forum! So make sure to join! ;D

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