Prepare yourselves, change is coming!

Long time no updates on this project. At least no official updates.

Like some of you might know, I’ve been very busy with my study, and still am with finishing my master thesis. However, I have finally made up my mind on the future of Audectra. In the following months you will see many changes and news. No matter how small these changes may seem to you, they will create the base for the future I have in mind.

As part of these changes, I have updated the forum to the latest available version. Even though there were some difficulties on the way, the forum is now back up and running. It is now addressable as

Forum updated to v3.1.9

Apart from the new elegant and scale-able look of the forum, I have thrown out the old bot-blocking solution, because many users were falsely identified as spammers and blocked/banned just because their ISP was in the “wrong neighborhood”. However, I can’t leave the forum open for spam-bots, obviously. So I have been looking for an alternative and found CleanTalk, which seems to be very reliable. If you are still experiencing troubles, let me know in a comment.

Furthermore, xforce, shadoxx and me are currently re-engineering the code behind Audectra, to allow easier and faster integration of new features, without having to adapt big chunks of code every time.

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