Release of v1.4.0

Release Information

Audectra v1.4.0 has been released. You can get it from our downloads section.

Aside a few bug fixes, this version provides a complete re-design of the graphical user interface and an overall performance gain of up to 30%. Additionally, the new GUI now allows to configure each client individually. Each client configuration consists of

  • an Audectra Mode,
  • the Brightness,
  • Trigger and Divider levels
  • as well as Color Assignments.

These settings are saved for all your clients, so you don’t have to reconfigure everything on each startup of Audectra. The sidebar on the right side of the GUI allows to switch between general settings (second button), which are applied for all your clients, and client settings (first button).

The general settings currently also include the license management, where you are able to activate your purchased license with a valid product key. I will soon update the guide for Audectra’s User Interface for v1.4.0 as well.

Audectra Sale

To celebrate this new release with you, you can get your own Audectra License with 25% off until March 12th! Use this opportunity to join the Audectra Pros.

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