Release of v1.5.0

I’ve been working on this version for quite a while now, and am very happy to finally release it! Apart from several bug fixes, this version comes with some new features for all Audectra Pro users.


This new version marks the beginning of the Audectra Dashboard, which is available for Audectra Pro and Commercial users. In the past few weeks I’ve learned some DirectX, which allowed me to create a neat 3D spectrum graph for this dashboard. Watch the video below to get a glance of it!

In addition to the 3D spectrum graph, I’ve included a few custom gauge displays, which show some valuable information about the beat detection results, signal properties and the current client. Currently, the signal properties contain:

  • The average signal energy in dB,
  • the number of zero crossings per second,
  • the roll-off frequency and
  • the strong peak

of your audio signal. All these properties are calculated in real-time. You can interpret the zero crossings of an audio signal as a measure of how “noisy” the signal is. For example, a dominant up- or downsweep can produce up to 15000 zero crossings per second and even more. The roll-off frequency tells you up to which frequency 95% of the overall signal energy is covered. The strong peak of a signal gives the ratio between the strongest spike in the frequency spectrum and its width. For example, a dominant kick has a powerful strong peak.

Client Extensions

This feature, for my Pro and Commercial users, in particular is extremely powerful! From now on you are able to code and include your own Client Extensions in IronPython! In this version I’ve included a basic UDP client as an example. Further, I’ve written a small guide on how to create your own clients in the forums. Additionally, I’ve created a GitHub repository to collect all client extensions in one place. I am open for your contributions and/or requests.

If you have any questions, then please post them in the forums and I will gladly answer your questions. Need a particular client extension but don’t want to code it? Don’t worry! Just post me a request in the forums and I will see what I can do.

Audectra Sale

To celebrate this new release with you, you can get your own Audectra License at a reduced price! Use this opportunity to join the Audectra Pros.

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