Released v2.2.0 – Added 1D Wave Simulation

This release brings a one dimensional wave simulation you can use in your effects. You won’t have to worry about the underlying math, just let Audectra take care of that! I’ve added two additional effects to demonstrate the capabilities of this wave simulation.

Here is a small demonstration video to give you an impression. Have fun! 😉


  • Added 1d wave simulation, which can be created through the effect helper.
  • Added new effect “1D Wave”.
  • Added new effect “1D Beat Wave”
  • Added new helper function CreateRandomColor(), returning a new random color with full saturation and brightness.
  • Updated effect “Beat Color” accordingly to use this new functionality.
  • Updated effect “Blob” – x and y size settings are now bindable.
  • Fixed bug in Extensions Window, which caused a crash while refreshing extensions after reopening the window.
  • Fixed bug, where saving a project containing a layer without any settings (like the “Beat Color” effect) caused Audectra to crash.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.


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