Released v2.3.2


Multi-Threading Architecture

With this release, the refactoring work on the multi-threading architecture is completed. Now the whole feature calculation and rendering processes have been optimized, making Audectra lightning fast and efficient!

Render Load Gauge

There is also a new performance gauge in the dashboard tab – the render load. It gives you a feedback on the render load of your currently selected project in the projects tab. You can find it in the performance category on the right side right under the core load gauge.

Spectrograph (2D & 3D)

Furthermore, I’ve realized, that the spectrograph visualizations (2D & 3D) both become barely visible when turning down the volume. This problem has been fixed by implementing an adaptive scaling controller for the visualizations, allowing them to adapt within a few seconds.

New Features

Automatic Updates

Audectra now checks for new updates on startup and notifies you if there is a new version available for download. If you agree, it downloads and starts installation process for you, making it a lot more comfortable to keep Audectra up-to-date. If, for whatever reason, you don’t like this feature, you can easily disable it in the settings tab by un-checking the “Automatically check for updates” checkbox.

You can also trigger Audectra to check for updates manually by pressing the “Update Now” button in the settings tab.


  • Added update notification, allowing you to automatically download and install the latest version of Audectra.
  • Added option in settings tab to disable automatic updates.
  • Added option in settings tab to manually trigger an autoamtic update.
  • Redesigned rendering process for projects, now consuming a much smaller number of threads, generally resulting in a better performance.
  • Redesigned client channel staging, consuming no additional threads anymore, increasing general performance.
  • Replaced core threads gauge on the dashboard with a gauge, which shows the render load of your currently selected project.
  • 3D spectrumgraph is now invariant to user controlled volume (adaptive scaling).
  • Spectrumgraph is now invariant to user controlled volume (adaptive scaling).
  • Fixed various bugs regarding the render previews in the projects tab and layers tab.
  • Fixed a bug, which sometimes caused Audectra to crash while closing the application.
  • Fixed a bug, which caused duplicate state names in a project when removing and adding states.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

What’s next?

I know it can be quite overwhelming at first to work with Audectra, because there are so many possibilities and things you can do. For this reason I am working on a concept, which is going to make the process of adding and configuring effect layers in the layers tab more straight-forward, while still allowing you to customize and tweak each setting to your liking.

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