Released v3.0.0 – Redesigned GUI

I am very proud to announce that Audectra v3 is now finally released!

New Features

Redesigned GUI

The redesigned GUI will massively improve the general user experience in Audectra. Make sure to check out the new dashboard as well!

System Master-Volume Invariance

Audectras performance is now invariant to changes in the systems master-volume. This change allows Audectra to be more dependent on your audio playback rather than how loud you are listening to it.

Keep in mind, that changing the sound output volume of an application still affects Audectras performance. Furthermore, you might need to adapt your state transitions and/or layer settings due to this change.

Reset to Black

Closing or disabling projects will now reset all associated render-patches to black. Closing the application closes all active projects.


Audectra v3 is fully compatible to all projects created in v2. However, effects are affected by various changes in namespaces and the way layer settings are created or handled. All effects in the official github repository have been adapted and included for this release.


  • Finally switched to new GUI technology after preparations in previous releases.
  • Implemented new, more intuitive, GUI for Audectra.
  • Changed target .Net Framework to v4.7.2.
  • Fixed various issues in the particle system regarding tangential acceleration.
  • Slightly improved general performance of particle systems.
  • Improved handling of custom layer/effect settings.
  • Added additional checks if loaded layer settings from project files match the ones created by effects.
  • Fixed effects for this release.
  • Audectra is now generally unaffected by volume changes on the system. It adapts asap as the systems master volume changes.
  • Disabling or closing a project will now reset all assigned render patches to black. Upon closing Audectra, all open projects will be closed automatically.
  • Some further small improvements and bug fixes.

What’s next?

There are two main topics I want to address in the next few months.

New Forum

The forum is sadly of no use in its current state – it has more issues in itself (not being able to post or register) than it is helpful for the community. Your voice is very important to me and I am open to every feedback or feature request you want to give me. However, the current forum might suggest otherwise. I am absolutely not happy with that.

New Documentation

Audectra has evolved greatly last year – both in features and complexity. The new documentation should guide you in various aspects of Audectra, like in the creation of custom effects or in creating new projects for example.

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