Website has been polished

Some of you might have noticed, that something was going on with the website for the last few days. The reason behind this is me working on the website live on the background.

There are several things that I have changed, though you might not see it at first glance.

  • Due to a conflict with my previous changes, by integrating the forum into the website, the caching functionality gave up its work, which resulted in slow page loading times. This issue is now fixed, and the site should load up fast again.
  • Modded a few plugins, responsible for the forum integration and site appearance to make the integration feel more “natural”.
  • Finally gave the website a little facelift, by updating the css configuration a little bit.

I hope you like it. If you find any bugs or stumble across something that looks kinda weird, please let us know in the comments/replies. Thanks.

Apart from that, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our recent donor Ts. Productions. Thank you! People like you make this project possible!

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