Audectra is an easy and powerful solution to make your music controlled RGB dreams come true!

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Once upon a time, there was a student, very passionate about music and RGB lighting. He dreamed of creating a music controlled RGB lighting solution for his room, but there was nothing to be found. Nothing that could fulfill his dreams. Thus he decided to create his very own music controlled RGB lighting solution, not for anyone else, but himself. He poured his very heart into this project, striving for his dream to finally come true. Every bit and byte he coded in his relentless pursuit of it’s perfection eventually summed up and created Audectra. The first real DIY music controlled RGB light solution of it’s kind. Back then is when he realized, he wasn’t alone. There are many more sharing his passion.

Now, proud of what I have reached so far, I can tell you, this story ain’t over yet. It is just beginning. This time though, not just for myself, but for you, everyone who shares my passion.


Give Audectra a try with our free Basic version. Limited to one client and less features than the Professional version.


(non-commercial use)


You are an enthusiasts and love playing around with customization options? You want to experience the whole Audectra experience? Then this version fits perfectly to you! Get it for just

 36.00  29.90 Add to cart

(excl. tax, non-commercial use, one year)


Similar to Audectra Professional, but for commercial use and with high priority email support.

 72.00  59.90 Add to cart

(excl. tax, one year)

License Comparison

for non-commercial usefor non-commercial usefor commercial use
Single ClientMultiple ClientsMultiple Clients
Default PresetCustom Trigger/Divider SettingsCustom Trigger/Divider Settings
R, G & B Color AssignmentCustom Color AssignmentCustom Color Assignment
30Hz Update FrequencyChangeable Update FrequencyChangeable Update Frequency
"Rough" AccuracyChangeable AccuracyChangeable Accuracy
Future Updates IncludedFuture Updates Included
Forum SupportForum SupportForum Support
Email SupportPrioritized Email Support

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Release of v1.3.1

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