About Me

My name is Phillip Djurdjevic and I am a Master of Science (MSc) in automation and control theory. In addition to my passion for linear/non-linear optimization and control theory, I am a very passionate software developer, who wholeheartedly believes in quality-oriented software development. This may seem to contradict with my field of study at first glance, however my analytical thinking and knowledge about system theory has proven to be extraordinarily useful, allowing me to easily understand complex systems. In fact, exactly this combination is what I think makes me special.

In my (rare) free time, I love spending time with my dear wife, playing video games and reading books.

About my Services

Software Architecture

Whether you need to design the right software architecture to meet your customers requirements or to modernize your current software architecture to meet new requirements, I am here to help.

Software Development

As software professional, I strive to implement customer requirements with clean code, backed through automated tests, because that is what I believe in. I would love to cooperate with you in implementing your or your customers requirements.

Software DevOps

I know, continuous integration and delivery pipelines can be overwhelming at first. However, if done properly, they can rocket-launch your efficiency and reduce development cycle times. I can help you in configuring or optimizing your CI/CD pipelines.


Modernizing a smelly legacy code base is something not everyone wants to bother with. However, if the development of new features or your applications performance gets noticeably slower, refactoring should have a high priority. With my experience in masses of legacy code, I can help you find these smelly roots or bottlenecks, that have manifested themselves within many years of development, and ultimately help you refactor them.

Bridge between Management and Development

Arguments between management and development can feel like two worlds colliding with each other. While management has a hard time in satisfying as many customer requirements with the least amount of costs as possible, development has a hard time in keeping up with that strategy. With my experience in such positions, I can help you find a profitable and quality balance between both worlds.

Consulting & Workshops

I can help you in evaluating new technologies, researching approaches to a given problem, optimizing your development work flow, and much more.

You can also request workshops for various topics, like clean coding, inversion of control, design patterns, DevOps and many more.

About my Products

You can read more about my products here.